Asian are famous for their tea culture. Unlike Myanmar, Tibetan and Vietnam. Japan's tradition of drinking tea has been renewed all over the world. Tea ceremony involves preparing tea powder for guest and enjoying its rigid taste quietly and serenely. Influenced by Zen Buddhism, tea ceremony seeks to purify their mind.

The tea serving ceremony used to be exclusively practiced by nobles and priests who gave it is original form around the middle of the fourteenth century. In Japan its popularity gradually spread to wealthy merchants, warlords during the era of civil warfare ( in the 15 and 16 centuries) and their retainers.

The tea ceremony has been modified in many ways over the years. Until the end of the Edo period (1603-1868) it was practiced almost entirely by men; women joined in only after the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868-1912). There are many schools of tea ceremony, including the three Senke school of Ura, Omote and Mushannokoji. They all maintain the spirit of the ceremony while preserving their own distinctive of tea preparation and serving.

1. What is the text abou?
a. The history of tea ceremony in the world
b. How to prepare things for tea ceremony
c. How to conduct tea ceremony at home
d. Tea ceremony and its development

2.The main idea of paragraph three is...
a. Only men serve tea in the ceremony
b. How women serve tea ceremony
c. The era when tea ceremony is modified

3. The text tells about tea ceremony in..
a. Tibet                          c. Vietnam
b. Japan                         d. Myanmar

4. At present, what is the reason for a tea ceremony?
a. To greet guests           c. to preserve tradition
b. to purify the mind      d. to serve noble person

5. What is the purpose of the text
a. To tell the step in serving tea
b. To invite guests to a tea ceremony
c. To describe tea ceremony in Japan
d. To share the experience of having tea ceremony


Natra BurstTM is a powerful food source consisting of a wide variety of premium ingredients, which work together to provide a variety of health benefits. Each serving contains the equivalent of more than 6 vegetables and fruits, with an ORAC value of 4.000+. Additionally, Natra BurstTM help s support lean muscle mass with tis concentration of high quality protein
1. increase energy
2. reduce appetite
3. promote fat loss
4. Anti Aging
5. Promote Healthy Skin

6. What is the benefit of consuming NatraBurst?
a. Increase appetite
b. Decrease energy
c. Promote fat loss
d. Promote Healthy hair

7. The purpose of the text is...
a. to warn the reader the danger of the product
b. to describe the composition of the product
c. to persuade people to consume the product
d. to tell the reader how to use the product


First, turn on your PC. Then insert your modem into the modem slot. After that, install your modem in the modem program. Next, click 'connect' in the modem program. If the blue light in the modem is on this means that the modem is connected and you can start working with it.

Choose one of the internet browser programs and type the web address you want. When you finish using the modem, open the modem program again and click 'exit' after that then remove your modem from the modem slot. Finally turn off your PC

8. What is the text about?
a. using  a modem                             c. inserting a modem
b. creating a modem                          d. programming a modem

9. What can we do when the light of the modem is on?
a. Install the modem                          c.insert the modem to the PC
b. connect the modem                       d. start working with the modem the modem program again and then remove..."
The word 'remove' means.......
a. insert                                              c. move
b. eject                                               d. throw can start working with it."
What does the word 'it' refer to?
a. The PC     b. The laptop          c. The modem        d. the internet

At the end of every semester, Student Association of SMP Harapan Bangsa holds an Arts Show. A few weeks before the event, they hold an audition to choose the best performers that would perform at the event. There are dancing,singing bands, magician show and many more. They also hold bazaar. The student who buys a coupon of bazaar gets a chance to win door prizes such as bikes, television sets, fans and many others. Each coupon has a number that will be drawn to receive a door prize. The art show starts at 8. a.m and ends at 3.p.m.

12. When is the art show in SMP Harapan Bangsa Held? At...
a. the beginning of the semester
b. the end of the semester
c. 8. p.m
d. 3 a.m.

13. What is the writer's purpose on writing the text?
a. to show how great SMP Harapan Bangsa
b. to tell people about the agenda of the activity
c. to describe teh art show activity
d. to tell about the writer's performance

14. How can people get a chance to win the door prize?
a. win the competition
b. show the best talent
c. choose one of the prize
d. buy a coupon of bazaar

I have a pet. Its name is Kenari. Kenari is a male canary bird. Canary bird is originally from Canary islang, Afica.
My pet has beautiful feathers. lie flies fast and can make clear melodious voice. I got Kenari as my birthday present from my parents. I feed him three times a week and I always clean his cage every saturday.
Last week, I registered Kenari for a competition in the park near my house. Before that, I had trained Kenari for several weeks at home. So, he could sing beautifully. At the end of that day, he became the runner up. I'm really proud of Kenari.

15. What is mainly discussed in the story?
a. a singing competition
b. Canary singing contest
c. the writer's canary bird
d. a bird from canary island

16. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
a. Kenari won a competition
b. The writer was proud of his pet
c. Kenari underwent a special training
d. The writer joined a singing competition

17. Where was the competition?
a. at the writer's house
b. in Canary island
c. in a nearby park
d. in africa

18. What did the writer do last week?
a. He had Kenari as a birthday gift
b. He played with the bird in the park
c. He trained his bird for a competition
d. He registered his pet for a competition

Dear Leoni,
I put your dictionary on your desk. Sorry I could not give it directly to you because I had to go meet Mr.Asgan to submit my paper. Thanks for lending it to me and John.
Yours friend.

19. Who wrote the message?
a. John         b. Vera            c. Leoni                  d. Mr. Asgan

20. The message is written to.........
a. request Leoni to return Vera's dictionary
b. ask Mr. Asgan to lend a dictionary to Vera
c. ask Leoni that Vera has returned paper to Mr. Asgan
d. inform Leoni that Vera has returned her dictionary

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