Prediksi Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMP 2014 Part.1

Standar Kompetensi Lulusan:  Reading (Membaca)

Read the following test and answer question number 1.
This water is unsafe
and not to be used
for drinking
washing or cooking

1. The text above means that we consume the water.
a. permitted
b. allowed
c. suggested
d. prohibited

Read the following sign for the question number 2 and 3
Do not lean your bike
against this windows

2. where can you find such a sign?
a. At a camsite
b. a railway station
c. outside a building
d. outside a farm

3. What does the sign mean?
a. you must not come near a window
b. you must not lean your bike agains the windows
c. you must use a bike
d. you must keep the window clean.

The following text is for your qustions number 4 and  5

Dear Farah,
With each year I'll love you more. 
Remember that your best years are still
a head of you and I'll be there every ups,
down and in between.
Love Mom

4. What is Farah celebrating?
a. her mom's love
b. her mom's birthday
c. her birthday
d. her best year

5. What does the card say?
a. Farah's best years are over
b. Farah will love her Mom more and more
c. Mom is looking toward to her best year
d. Mom will support Farah in all condition

The following text is for questions number 6 to 8
To :
CC :
Subject : How are you
Hi, Naya !
How are you? You started senior high school last month, so you must be busy. How is it? What was your first day like? Did you meet any new friends? What is your class like? How many of you all together in one class? Do you have a lot of things to do? Do you join any clubs or extracurricular activities? It must be so exciting to be  a high school students I can’t wait for my time next year. Please email me and let me know.
Your cousin,
6. Who has just begun to study at senior high school?
a. Naya
b. Keisha
c. Naya and Keisha
d. Naya and Kisha’s cousin

7. What information does Keisha want to know?
a. the name of the senior high school where Naya studies
b. the nama of the senior high school where Keisha wants to study
c. Naya’s new friend’s names
d. the number of students in Naya’s class

8. From the text we know that…
a. Keisha is enthusiastic about going to high school next year
b. Naya is asking about Keisha’s school life
c. Keisha expects Naya to talk about her family in her reply
d. Naya is in grade nine of junior high school

Read the text to answer questions 9 to 11
To commemorate National Education Day 2013. The school is going hold ceremonial activities as follow:
1.      Flag Raising Ceremony (compulsory for every student)
2.      Sports Festival (Futsal,basketball, and table tennis)
3.      English Debating Championship
The programs will be held on May 2nd ,2013 in the school area.
Those who are interested to join the contests can enroll to the school committees from April 20th -30th .
There will be trophies and some other interesting prizes for the winners.

9. How many competions are going to be held?
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four
10. What should you do if you want to join the Debating Championship?
a. join the flag raising ceremony
b. take part in the sports festival
c. enroll to the school committee
d. get the trophies and prizes.

11. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to tell the readers the date of the National Education Day 2013
b. to inform the activities for the commemoration of the National Education Day
c. to give information about the committee of the education day celebration
d. to give readers interesting prizes and trophies.

Read the text for questions 12 to 13

16 capsules
Easy swallow capsules
For pain relief

12. How much of the medicine is there?
a. sixteen capsules
b. two capsules
c. sixty-one capsules
d. Eighteen capsules

13. What can you use the medicine for?
a. skin rash
b. food poison
c. headache
d. eye irritation

The following text for questions number 14 and 15.
Be considerate. Give up this seat
To a passenger with special needs

14. Where can you possibly find the texr?
a. in a supermarket
b. on a bus or train
c. in an office
d. on a plane

15. What does the text mean?
a. you should go with your granddad, mom and little brother
b. you should prioritize yourself and your acquaintances
c. you should stand up for old people, pregnant women, and infants.
d. you should not go by public transports

Read the text for question number 16

16. What does the text mean?
a. keep the refrigerated clea
b. keep this food cold
c. the refrigerated is for keeping food
d. the refrigerated is not in use

The following text is for questions number 17 and 18
Just one trip and the card could
Pay for itself. Anyone between 12-18
For just $500. It saves you ½ 
Of many bus fares in Kyoto for
A whole year, Available in any
Convenience stores.

17. Who can buy a Junior’s Bus Card?
a. Infants
b. senior citizens
c. high school students
d. elderly people

18. Where can you buy the ticket
a. at school
b. at a co-op
c. from the driver
d. at a convenience store

Read the text for question number 19.
When you go to the shop, don’t forget to buy 2 boxes of tissues,
A bottle of shampoo, and a bar of soap. Thanks

19. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to remind Ufa to buy several things for Mum
b. to tell Ufa that mum will buy several things for her
c. to show what mum will buy at the shop
d. to list the things at the shop

Read the text for question number 20

I passed my driving test. Come and help us
Celebrate . The party is next Friday
At 17 David Street, from 4.p.m

20. What information do we get from the text?
a. Celeste is having a driving test
b. Celeste is a new driver
c. The party is at 17 o’clock
d. There’s no celebration at the party

The following text is for questions number 21-24

            Once there lived a rich couple, Mang Dondong and Aling Iska who had a twelve-year-old daughter named Maria. Being dutiful, obedient, and kind, Maria was loved by everyone. But shyness was one of her distinct features; she used to lock herself in her room. Maria had a beautiful flower garden which was well-known all over town. She took care of her plants tenderly and patiently as the plants were her source of happiness and enjoyment.

            One day a group of bandits raided the village and killed every man they found for money. When Mang Dondong noticed the arrival of the bandits, fearing his daughter’s safety, he decided to hide Maria in the garden. Aling Iska hide herself in the house. She trembled with fear and prayed,” Oh My God! Save my daughter.” Then suddenly the door opened and the bandits entered the house. They hit Mang Dondong on the head and his soon fell to the ground. Aling Iska tried to escape but was also hit by them on the head. The bandits pillaged the house and took away the money and jewelry. The bandits left the house to plunder some other village.

            When Mang Dondong and Aling Iska regained sonsciousness they ran to the garden to took for Maria but she was not there. They searched again and again but Maria could not be found. Then suddenly something pricked Mang Dondong’s feet and he saw a tiny plant closing its leaves. Both Mang Dondong and Aling Iska knelt at their knees and took a closer look at the plant. After looking at the plant for a long time, they realized that the plant was their daughter Maria. Indeed, to save her from the bandits God transformed into a small flower of the new plant that they found in the garden.

            After that Mang Dondong and Aling Iska tended to the plant with immense care, as they knew that in reality the plant was their child Maria. The plant was as shy as Maria and so they named it “Makahiya”, which in Tagalog means shyness

21. What is the suitable title for the text?
a. Mang Dondong
b. Aling Iska
c. The bandits
d. The Makahiya

22. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
a. Maria was loved by everyone
b. Mang Dondong was worried about Maria’s safety
c. Aling Iska tried to escape
d. The bandits attacked the village

23. What was Maria like?
a. she was tenderly and patiently
b. she was happy and enjoyable
c. she was dutiful, obedient, kind but shy
d. she was fearful and conscious

24. What does the word plunder in paragraph two mean?
a. donate
b. steal
c. decorate
d. shop

No. 25- 50 KLIK DISINI

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