Latihan Soal Ulangan Umum Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1

The octopus the sea animal with eight power full feet which it uses as hands. These are called tentacles. The word “Octopus” comes from two Greek word that mean “Eight Feet”.
The octopus, the squid and the cuttlefish belong to the same family that has no outside shells. Their bodies are recovered entirely with skin. Therefore the body of an octopus is soft. It looks like a big balloon. A fully-grown octopus can be as large as 8,5 meters from the tip of one tentacles to the tip of another. It can weigh as much as 45 kilograms.
Besides using its tentacles to cacth small fish, sea plants, crab and lobsters. The octopus also uses them against its enemies. The octopus wraps its tentacles around the victim and squeezes it before eating it.
The octopus escapes from its enemies by giving out dark fluid to darken the water. It can also change the color of its body match its surroundings. It hides from its enemies by doing this.
1.       Which group of sea creatures belongs to the same family?
a.       Fish,octopus and crab                            c. crab, cuttlefish and squid
b.      Squid, crab and octopus                        d. cuttlefish,octopus and squid
2.       How does the octopus hunt for food?
a.       It uses magic color                                   c. it uses its teeth
b.      It uses its tentacles                                 d. it uses color
3.       What does the word “octopus” mean in Greek?
a.       Eight feet                                    c. Monster         
b.      b. tentacles                                                d. fish
4.       X: Do you need me to clean the car?
Y:……….the servant will clean it
a.       Yes,please                  c. of course        
b.      b. No, thanks             d. All right
5.       Via: What do you think of my new bag?
a.       I  think its beautiful bag                         c. I don’t think so
b.      I don’t know                                              d. I am not sure
6.       Doni: When were you born?
a.       I was born on October, 28th , 1997     c. I was born on October,10th , 1997
b.      I were born on October, 28th ,1997   d. I were born on October,10th ,1997
7.       Ade                        : Where are you going to do tomorrow morning?
Vidi and Vini       :we…………………….visit our teacher in the hospital
a.       Plant to                                        c. is going to      
b.      b. are going to                           d. are going

10.00  Daniel- Sorry, can’t make it to the bookshop this afternoon.
Can we make another outing? TQ. Ahmad.

8.       Who send the message?
a.       Daniel                                           c. Ahmad
b.      b. Daniel and Ahmad              d. TQ. Ahmad
9.       What does “TQ” stand for?
a.       Thanks                                          c. The question
b.      b. Thank you                              d. Too Quick
10.   Leddy : May I………………………..the lamp? It’s dark here
Winda: Sure
a.       See                                                c. turn off
b.      b. Look for                  d. Turn on
My grandmother is a very gentle, loving and caring person. She never raises her voice at anyone. She has lived with me for as long as I can remember. She takes care of me when mom and dad go to work.
Grandmother likes to tell stories. She usually tells me brief stories of her childhood and expresses them very well with her tried. Old, winkled grandmother who has passed away. My dear grandmother always says good things about him. She once told me that the nicest person she had ever met. I really love my grandmother.
11.   The writers tell us about…..
a.       His grandparents                      c. his grandmother
b.      b. His grandchildren                                d. His grandfather
12.   Whom does grandmother stay with?
a.       The writer                                   c. the grandmother
b.      b. The reader                             d. Her husband
13.   Old, winkled grandfather who has passed away
The underlined word has same meaning with……
a.       Corpse                                          c. live
b.      b. Dead                                        d. life
14.   Arrange the jumbled words into a good sentences.
The best arrangement is……
a.       13897654210                                                              c. 63185497210
b.      36581497210                                                              d. 63581497210
15.   Dena: Many houses were damage by tsunami
Arvy:………..they lost everything
a.       I am glad to hear that                                             c. I don’t sympathize
b.      I am happy to hear that                                         d. I do sympathize
Receptionist       : Can I help you, sir?
Guest                    : I need one room for two peoples
Receptionist       : All right, It’s the key number 25
Guest                    : Ok, thanks
Receptionist       : May I help you carry those suitcase, sir?
Guest                    : Yes, thank
16.   Where does the dialogue take place?
a.       In the hotel                                                c. In the restaurant        
b.      b. In the shop                            d. In the bank
17.   What is a bellboy?
a.       The man who receives the guest in the hotel
b.      The man who helps the guests in the hotel
c.       The man who leads the tour
d.      The man who serves the guests in the restaurant
18.   Teacher : Silvia come here. Why did you make the floor dirty?
Silvia      :…………………..Yudha did it
a.       Yes, I did it                  c. I didn’t do that             
b.      b. I’m sorry                 d. I did it on purpose
19.   Father   : Lusi, you used my towel, didn’t you?
Lusi        : Yes, dad. I did . But I don’t know
a.       Accepting something                                             c. Admit something
b.      Declining something                                               d. Deny something
Last year my family had a trip to Bali. My parents, my elder sister and I spent 3 days. We had a flight to Bali. We arrived there at 9 a.m. Then, we checked in the hotel. It was not big, but comfortable. After taking a rest and having a shower, we had a lunch in the restaurant of the hotel. In the afternoon, we went to sanur beach. There were a lot of tourist enjoying the beautiful beach. Some of domestic and foreign tourist surfed on the beach. It seemed they enjoy it. My sister and I played the sand. We built the castle from the sand.
On the second day, we had a shopping in the traditional market near the hotel. My mother bought a new dress, while my father chose a leather jacket. My sister bought a pair of unique glasses and a cap. While I liked having T’shirt.
On the last day, we checked out the hotel. We left the hotel at 8 p.m. It was really an amazing holiday.
20.   How many days did they spend in Bali?
a.       One day                                       c. three days
b.      b. two days                                 d. four days
21.   How did they go there?
a.       By plane                                       c. by bus             
b.      b. by train                                    d. by car
22.   What did the tourist do on the beach?
a.       Played the sand                        c. shopping
b.      b. surfing                                     d. sailing
23.   What time did they check out the hotel?
a.       Nine a.m.                                    c. nine p.m.       
b.      b. eight a.m.                               d. eight p.m.
24.   What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To entertain the readers      c. to describe a thing
b.      To invite the readers              d. to retell the experience
25.   Arrange the jumbled dialogue into the best order
1)      Risma            : Really? Happy birthday, ayu !
2)      Sinta              : Ayu is going to have a birthday party at her house this Sunday
3)      Risma            :Hi, what are you two talking about?
4)      Ayu                                : Thank you,Risma
a.       2314       b. 3214      c.2143               d. 3241
                Dio         : What did you do last weekend?
                Angga   :(26)…………………………………….
                Dio         : Did you enjoy it?
                Angga   : Not at all
                Dio         :(27)…………………..did the weather?
                Angga   : It rained all the time. It was windy and very cold
                Dio         : (28)………………………………………
26.   a. I want to swim              c. I went swimming        
b. I will go with you         d. I like it very much
27.   a. where                              c. when               
b. why                                  d. how
28.   a. I disagree                        c. that’s good
b. That’s too bad              d. Yes, of course you can


The drama club will put on a play called” the magic carpet”. All teachers and students are invited to watch the play. Parents will also be invited.
Date      : December 21st
Time      : 10.00 a.m.
Place     : School Hall
Students who are interested in taking part in the part in this play may register their name with Mr.Rudi. An audition will be held on November,9th  to choose actors and actresses for the following part:
1.       The princess
2.       The prince
3.       The cruel stepfather
4.       The hunter
5.       Eight soldier
6.       The wise man
7.       The old lady
8.       Five villagers
Students who are chosen must come for practice an the following dates at 2.00 p.m in the school hall.
First practice                      : November 16th
Second practice                                : November 23rd
Third practice                     : November 30th
Fourth practice                 : December 7th
Last practice                       : December 14th
The play will be directed by Mrs. Tari
29.   What is the name of the play?
a.       Drama club                                 c. the magic show
b.      An audition                                 d. the magic carpet
30.   How many practices are there?
a.       3 practices                                   c. 5 practices
b.      4 practices                                   d. 6 practices
31.   Who will direct the play?
a.       Mr.Rudi                                        c. Cruel stepfather
b.      The princes                                 d. Mrs. Tari
32.   What time the practices begin?
a.       2.00 p.m.                                     c. 2.00 a.m.
b.      10.00 a.m.                                   d. 10.00 a.m
33.   How many actors and actresses are needed in the play?
a.       Ten person                                 c. eighteen person
b.      Fifteen person                          d. nineteen person
34.   Resti is sick at school. She asks her mother to pick up. Here is the SMS:
a.       Mum, pick me up right now I get flu at field
b.      Mum, pick up your daughter, am I sick in UKS?
c.       Mum, can you pick me up, I am sick at school
d.      Mum, She is sick now. Pick up me at school

Doctor  : What,s your trouble
Anita     : I have a cough and a headache
Doctor  : How long have you been feeling ill?
Anita     : Four days
Doctor  : Lie down please. I’ll examine you
Anita     : What’s the matter with me, Doctor?
Doctor  : You throat infection. I’ll write a prescription. You should stay in bed tomorrow
Anita     : Alright doctor

35.   As a matter of fact. What the matter with anita?
a.       She have throat infection     c. She has throat injection
b.      She has throat infection        d. She have a cough and a headache
36.   How long has anita been feeling ill?
a.       2 days                                           c. 4 days
b.      3 days                                           d. 5 days
37.   “Lay down, please. I’ll examine you”
The word “I” refers to……
a.       Doctor          b. patient            c. nurse                                d. anita
38.   “Aji was get an accident”. What is your hope”?
a.       I hope he get better soon                    c. you shoul put an eye-lotion
b.      I hope he will get better soon            d. I hope he’ll get better later
39.   Rahma  : I have a headache
Meli       :……………………………………….
a.       You  should take an aspirin                  c. you should put an eye-lotion
b.      You should take cough syrup              d. You should put ear-drop
40.   My grandfather is 67 years old now. He is weak and often get sick. He usually complain that he pain in his back. He has a……………………
a.       Headache                                    c. Backache
b.      Stomachache                             d. toothache
1.       Toyib     : Will you join us for dinner tonight?
Fasa       :………………..I have to go to visit my grandmother
2.       Answer the question based on the invitation for number 2 (a) and (b)

Hello Elvin,
There will be a garden party at my house. Please come tomorrow afternoon at 2.p.m. call me if you come.
Your truly


a.       Who is rudi?
b.      What is the “closing” of the invitation?
3.       Complete the following dialogue
Laura     ; Can I go to the cinema with my friends, mom?
Mother :………………………..But don’t come home late.
4.       Complete the following text using the words in the box

Eyes, beauty, carrot, ears,pet

The rabbit is a domestic animal. It has two long……………….(a) and two beautiful …………………..(b) to see. It eats leaves, vegetables, especially…………………(c), because of the…………………..(d) many people keep them as pets. You can buy them at the…………………(e) shop. It’s fun, it’s action is very interesting.
5.       Complete the following sentence with the correct verb using past continous tense
I was sleeping when my brother……………………….Football game on TV.]]