One day, a fox said to a stork, " Would you like to come to my house for dinner?"
"Yes, please," said the stork. "That will be very nice."
However, when the stork reached the fox's house, he found that the fox had put the dinner on two plates. The stork could not eat anything because of his long beak.

The fox soon ate his own dinner and then said to the stork," Don't you like your dinner? If you cannot eat any of it I will eat it for you."
So the fox had his own dinner and the stork's as well.
Soon after, the stork asked the fox to dinner. The stork put the food in two jugs which had long necks. This time it was the fox who could not reach the food. He had to watch while the stork ate both dinners.

Taken from Junior Readers Book.

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