Once upon a time there was Dayang Sumbi who liked weaving when she was grown up. All people loved her very much. One day she dropped one of her tools while she was weaving. She was too lazy to take it herself. " I am going to marry anybody who's willing to get it for me, although it should be an animal," she said. And it happened when a good dog named Tumang bit a tool and gave it to her. She chased the dog away. However, she finally married the dog. Perbangkara was very angry and sent her to the forest after he knew his daughter was pregnant.

In the forest she had a beautiful baby. She called him Sangkuriang. When the baby became a young man, he was very handsome. His work was hunting as his grandfather did." My son, I like to eat the heart of a deer," her mother said one day. Sangkuriang went hunting and Tumang followed him. He didn't see a deer or any other animals. he was frustrated and killed the dog in his anger. He took its heart and gave it to his mother. Her mother very angry when she knew what really happened. She chased her son away . Sangkuriang left her mother.

He grown up to be strong and handsome man. One day he met a beautiful lady. He fell in love with her and insisted to marry her. Dayang Sumbi who learned that the man was her son then made a deal that she would marry him if he could only created a boat and lake for her in one night. he accepted but he failed and so Dayang Sumbi refused to marry him. He got angry and ran after her. Sangkuriang kicked the unfinished boat turnedd into upside down before he himself fell down into the lake and died. It is traditionally believed that the existence of mount Tangkuban Perahu had its root from this folklore.

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