Many years ago in the kingdom of Annam, the King loved a rare Siamese cat so much. The cat slept in a silk pillow and always ate delicious foods. But the king was a rurhless man. He did not provide his people enough food or clothes. The people were unhappy with the king but remained silent for fear of his punishment. The king's adviser despised him. he secretly devised a plan to teach the king a lesson.

One day, the adviser used his access to steal the cat. He brought the cat home and started to train the cat to eat the same rotten food as the Annam people did. After several days without eating, finally the cat ate the food. The adviser repeated the same training everyday until it got used  to the new food.

Soon the king found out that  his beloved cat had been stolen. He quickly suspected his adviser and found the cat at his home. He put the adviser into trial for stealing the cat. The adviser was however very clever. To prove the cat is his, he asked the king to bring two  bowls, one with delicious food and one with rotten food. The cat directly went to the bowl with rotten food. He then claimed the cat as his cat. The king however still had adviser arrested and imprisoned. This story then spread over the kingdom which inspired Annam people to protest their king.

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