A myth submitted to the site by Yer Thao

Jungle in Thailand, Thailand

Despite what their elders have told them about going into the jungle after sundown, a young man and his little brother went to the woods one day to pick mushrooms.

By daylight, this jungle was one of the most beautiful, but after sundown not even the moonlight could pierce through the thick woods. After a long days hunt for the best mushrooms, they sat down to enjoy a couple of rice rolls. When dinner was over and all the rice was consummed, the older brother noticed that he had sticky rice all over his hands from eating so quickly. He rubbed his eyes out of frustration and then immediately noticed that there was this white spirit from the corner of his eyes.

Was this what my elders warned me about? Is this why we're not supposed to go into the jungle after dark? He continued to wonder to himself more and more why it kept following them around. Finally he became so petrified that he ran through the jungle and back into the village as fast as he could. He ran so fast with his little brother chasing after him, but still the spirit continue to be right at his side.

He ran into his hut and looked in the mirror to see if he was losing his mind. He took a second look at himself and noticed that there was a little white rice right by his eye. A moment later his heartbeat finally calmed down as he realized that the ghost he thought was following him was simply the blur of a little white rice right by his eye. As his brother and he realized what had happened, they began rolling on the ground and laughing hysterically at the older brother.
By Yer Thao
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