Latihan Soal Invitation

1. Whose party is it?
    a. Marie
    b. Devoe
    c. Kim
    d. Maries

2. When will the party be held?
    a. at Devoe Road
    b. at 6.30 p.m
    c. on march 13
    d. at the second house

3.  Regret only : Marie Salinger 238-1722 or e-mail
    the word above tell us that we should ....
    a. give information if we cannot come
    b. give information if we can come
    c. ask information how to come to the place
    d. contact Marie Salinger before we come

4. Our house is at the second house on the right.
    The underlined word refers to...
    a. Marie's family
    b. Kim's family
    c. Devoe's family
    d. Salinger's family

5. What is the party for?
    a. to have good friends
    b. to watch new friends
    c. to enjoy food and drinks
    d. to welcome the new year

6. What is the purpose of the text above?
    a. to invite a friend to attend the new year party
    b. to make someone happy in new year party
    c. to remind people the coming of new year
    d. to tell importance of new year

7. How long the party be held?
    a. 7 hours
    b. 6 hours
    c. 5 hours
    d. 4 hours

8. at my house
    the underlined word refers to....
   a. Johana
   b. Jl. Anggrek
   c. Sandra
   d. the writer

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