Latihan Soal Menyusun Kalimat Acak Teks Narasi

Arrange the following sentences into a good narrative text !

1. The five-footed bear liked to help other animals.
2. One afternoon, when the five-footed bear went home, he found a rabbit under a mahogany tree.
3. But all animals who lived with him didn't feel strange.
4. Once upon a time there was a strange bear who lived in a jungle.
5. Then, the five-footed bear brought him to his home.
6. His home was open for anyone who wanted to say.
7. He had the five feet.
8. The rabbit looked hungry

1. One day, there was a big battle in that kingdom.
2. The Queen was lucky because she could save her life by changing herself into a golden snail
3. Another day an old woman saw a snail and took it home.
4. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Java.
5. The King asked his Queen to save her life
6. Then she looked after it
7. In the middle of the jungle the enemies killed her guards

1. The man gave him five magic beans for the cow.
2. Jack climbed up the beanstalk. He wanted to see what was at the top
3. Jack and  his mother were very poor, so his mother asked him to sell their cow.
4. On the way he met a strange man
5. His mother was very angry and threw the beans out of the window.
6. The next morning, they saw a giant beanstalk
7. Jack found a huge castle and a lot of gold

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