Latihan Soal Teks Report

1. The writer wrote the text to....
    a. to ask people to hunt sharks
    b. to describe  about sharks
    c. to persuade people not to hunt sharks
    d. to ask people to stay away from warm shark

2. Why are the whale sharks harmless?
    a. because they eat plankton
    b. because they live in warm seas
    c. because they are very fast swimmers
    d. because they are biggest fish in the world

3. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
    a. the lives of sharks
    b. the bodies of the sharks
    c. the weapons of sharks
    d. the biggest sharks

4. "Sharks are the most fearsome predatory fish of the seas(paragraph 1)
     The underlined word can be best replaced by....
     a feasible
     b. harmful
     c. dreadful
     d. excellent

5.  How many did people die from recorded shark attack annualy?
a. 10 people
    b. 20 people
    c. 30 people
    d. 40 people

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