RPP Berkarakter Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 2 Listening Past Tense


SMP                                       : SMP NEGERI 2 CIPEUNDEUY
Subject                                 : English
Class/Semester                 : VIII/2
Education Year                  : 2012-2013
Time Allocation                 : 2 x 40’ (1 kali pertemuan)

Competence Standard :
8. Meaning comprehended in simple short spoken transactional and interpersonal conversation to interact with surroundings area
Basic  Competence :
8.2  Meaning responded to simple short monologue in a accurate, fluent in daily life  context and involve behavior with surround environment in narrative and recount
Learning purpose :
   At the end learning process, students are able to :
  1. Comprehended Recount text (past tense sentence)
II. Learning Subject
  1. Vocabulary that related recount text ( Yesterday Song by The beatles) 
  3. Spelling and punctuation  with its practice
  4. Verb past tense (V2)
  5. Sentences and its task
·         I had no idea
·         Yesterday, came suddenly
·         I believed in yesterday
III. Learning methode
  1. Learning question
  2. Modelling
  3. Practice
  4. P-P-P
IV. Learning activity steps
  1. Preface activity
    1. The students  response to  teacher’s questions to build clannish atmosphere
    2. The students response to teacher’s questions about attendance
    3. Active participating in learning process
    4. The teacher gives some questions which related  previous lesson with the next subject
    5. The teacher explains the learning purpose or  basic competence that should  be achieved
    6. The teacher gives the subject range and its assessment
  2. Core Activity (Download Power Point Yesterday by Beatles)
    1. Student responses to past tense verb
    2. Student responses to the questions about past tense
    3. Students listens to the examples of past tense sentence
    4. Student  repeats expression of past tense sentence with the teacher’s guidance.
    5. Student completes missing word of recount text ( Liric Yesterday Song by Beatles) that listened
  3. Last Activity
    1. Student listens to the node about subjects that learned by teacher
    2. Student gives reflection/comment about the subject that already comprehended, and please subject or not
    3. Student are given structured task to strengthened the competence
    4. Student  listens to teacher’s expectations and advice
    5. Prepare the next subject

V. Learning Sources

  1.  MP3 Yesterday by The Beatles
  2. Dictionary
  3. Liric of Yesterday Song

VI. Structured assignment

Student completes the missing lyric by listen to Adele Song Don’t You Remember with the words in the box.

VII. Assessment

Competence achievement indicator
Technical form
Recount text/Past Tense
Listen to Adele’s Song then fill the missing word with the words in the box

Assessment manual :
  1. Max  Score Number each student = 10
  2. Value= Score  achievement x 10
  3.                        Max Score

                                                                                                        created by  Susilowati Handayani,S.Pd

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