Teks advertisemet 1
 What is the purpose of the text above?
a. to entertain the owner of NISSAN TERANO car using PS One and Car LCD
b. to inform the people to enjoy bromo and Senggigi Beach using NISSAN car
c. to give entertainment package to the owner of NISSAN car
d. to promote the versions of NISSAN TERANO car

How long will each buyer of NISSAN TERRANO car get the free "Car LCD &" and "PS One"
a. during Indomobil is celebrating 27" anniversary
b. when the family is going vacation to Bromo and Senggigi Beach
c. While the stocks of "Car LCD 7" and "PS One: are still available
d. If you buy "Spirit" or  "Kingsroad" or "Granroad" NISSAN TERRANO car

Teks Advertisement 2

From the text we know that...
a. The promo will last for 2 weeks
b. all items got more than 40% discount
c. The 40% discount is only at a World Bookstore
d. We can get discounts at any DC World Bookstore

How often is the promo at DC World Bookstore?
a. every day
b. every week
c. every month
d. every year

What is the purpose of the text?
a. to announce the discount at DC World Bookstore
b. to inform the promo at DC World Bookstore
c. to tell us about the 40% discount
d. to advertise the bookstore

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