Latihan Soal Announcement School Sport Week

                                                    SCHOOL SPORT WEEK
School Sport Week will be held tomorrow. All students must participate in the activity. The kinds of sports which will be played in the activity are valley ball, football, and chess. The headmaster opens it at 8 a.m
                                                                                          Cipeundeuy, December 23rd  2013
                                                                                                                         The Committee
1.       The text tell us about…
a.       School activity
b.      Sport competition
c.       Student’s participation
d.      Playing football
2.       What date will be school sport week be held ?
a.       8th December, 2013
b.      25th December, 2013
c.       23rd December, 2013
d.      24th December, 2013

3.       “All students must participate…” The underlined word means….
a.       Look on
b.      Pass away
c.       Take part
d.      Tell a lie
4.       How many sports will be play?
a.       3     
b.      4
c.       5
d.      6
5.       The headmaster opens it at 8 a.m
It refers to…..
a.       The students
b.      The headmaster
c.       The Sport Week Sport
d.      The valley ball, football, chess

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