Latihan Soal Greeting Card

1. What is the genre of the text?
    a. Short Message
    b. Greeting Card
    c. Letter
    d. Notice

2. From the text we know that Fachri...
    a. get a medal for the best student
    b. is the best student at school
    c. graduates from high school
    d. got five for his test

3. "...please step forward..."
   a. come to the from
   b. move back
   c. one step to the left
   d. stand in line

4. "...when your name is called as the best...."
     your refers to.....
     a. Fachri
     b. Uncle Farhan
     c. Student
     d. Uncle Fachri

5.  The opposite of best...
     a. worse
     b. better
     c. nice
     d. good

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