Latihan Soal Short Message

1. From the text we know that...
    a. the principal was away when the message was sent
    b. the sender cannot attend the meeting
    c. the principal will wait for the meeting that day
    d. the sender was in Singapore when he sent the message

2. The short message is written to...
    a. tell what happened in the meeting
    b. inform the cancellation of a meeting
    c. say that the principal won't come to the meeting
    d. inform that the sender has just arrived from Singapore

3. Who send the sms?
    a. Lilian
    b. Principal
    c. You
    d. Student

4. As the principal will arrive from Singapore tonight.
   Arrive has the same meaning with...
   a. come
   b. depart
   c. go
   d. back