Latihan Soal Menyusun Kalimat Acak Teks Procedure

Arrange the following sentences into make a good procedure text !

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1. Next, please stand in line to wait your turn
2. There are many steps to cash your savings in a bank.
3. Fill in the form you have got.
4. Finally, come to the teller to cash your savings account.
5. First of all, get the form provided by the bank.

1. After putting the gift inside of the box, fold the paper and wrap it carefully around the box.
2. Before fixing the card on the present, tie the ribbon the way you prefer.
3. First, you have to prepare the equipment, such as paper,scissors, sticky tape, ribbon, box, and
4. It is easy to prepare a nicely wrapped special gift without any trouble.
5. Finally, do not forget to write beautiful words on the card.
6. Once you have finished this step, put the sticky tape on the edges.

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