Latihan Soal Menyusun Kalimat Acak Teks Recount

Arrange the sentences into a meaningful paragraph !

(Ujian Nasional 2011/2012)

1. We couldn't take any photograph
2. It was really beautiful.
3. Then, we walked into a waterfall.
4. It was nice having meals in the open air
5. Unfortunately, we left our camera at home.
6. Finally, we decided  to go back to our tent.
7. On Saturday, my friends and I camped on a hill nearby.
8. After setting up the tent, we took our picnic jar and had a meal together

1. I went on many rides
2. Recently, I went to Disneyland in Los Angeles.
3. It went very fast and I got a little wet.
4. My favourite ride was Splash Mountain.
5. I really had a wonderful time there.
6. I also enjoyed Tom Sawyer's island.
7. We went there through a hanging bridge and walked through caves.

(Ujian Nasional 2009/2010)

1. A lift carries visitors to the top of the tower from where views of the city can be seen.
2. It was built in 1889 as part of an exhibition held in the city.
3. It is named after Gustave Eiffel, the man who designed it.
4. It is over four hundred meters tall and mad entirely of iron and steel.
5. One of the most famous sight in Paris, the capital of France, is the Eiffel Tower.
6. The tower was intended to be a temporary structure for the exhibition but is was so popular that it
    has remained

1. It was a very hot day
2. Suddenly, I heard a squeal of brakes.
3. We ran toward him to give some hellp.
4. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured.
5. There was a young boy lying on the street.
6. We stopped and turned toward the sound.
7. As usual I went home riding bicycle with friends
8. It seemed he had passed the hollow road without being able to avoid it.

1.The contest was ready tostart, but I hadn't finished dressing yet.
2. I hadn't fastened my batik sarong yer, but they were already calling us.
3. And who would have guessed, we won the first prize !
4. When I was in a elementary school, my school organized an Indonesian Cultural Contest.
5. At this contest, my friends and I represented our region, DKI Jakarta, and presented "Tari
6. I was so embarrased and everyone laughed at me, but I kept on dancing and all my freinds
    supported me.
7. Finally, I just tried my sarong with a piece of string.
8. On the stage, I kept thingking that my sarong would come loose, and it finally did.

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