Once upon a time,in Dumai, there was a prosperous Kindom named Seri Bunga Tanjung. It was ruled by a beautiful queen whose name was Cik Sima. She had seven good looking daughters. Out of seven, the youngest daughter, Mayang Mengurai, was the most beautiful. Her beauty enchanted all taking a look at her.
      One day, the seven princesses took bath in Sarang Umai pool, making joke and remaining in the water for long time. While doing so, they were noticed by some guys. Those were Prince Empang and his guardsmen who were passing by the pool. They peeped at the
seven princesses through shady bushes nearby the pool. The prince was amazed of seeing those beautiful ladies, but his eyes could not stop watching the most beautiful, Princess Mayang Sari. (Beautiful lady in Umai  pool in Umai) mumbled Prince Empang Kuala. Seemingly, the prince felt in love with Mayang Mengurai. He set his heart upon marrying her.
      Few days later, The Princes Empang Kuala sent an envoy to the Seri Bunga Tanjung Kingdom for proposing the beautiful princess (the youngest). Queen Cik Sima approved of the proposal. However, instead of the youngest, it should be addressed to the oldest. Feeling embarrassed, the Prince was angry and he ordered his commander and soldiers to attack Seri Bunga Tanjung Kingdom.
     During the war, Queen Ratu Cik Sima ordered his commander to take her seven daughters to the jungle, hide them in the hole covered by trees. As their food supply, the queen asked his to bring some food for three months supply. Three months passed, the war still broke out. The war happened four months.
     Many died during the war, Queen Cik Sima rushed for walking to the jungle where all her daughters hid. Unfortunately, she was shocked after finding that all had died. They died of thirsty and hunger.
     Since then, Dumai society believed that name "Dumai" is rooted to a word "d" umai" that was once said repeatedly by Prince Empang Kuala When seeing the beauty of Princess Mayang Mengurai

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