Materi Mengajar Reading Teks Naratif

Langkah  Retorika
Contoh Teks

(Tokoh,waktu, dan tempat
Once upon a time there lived two best friends, the hare and tortoise. They liked to race against each other, but the hare always won.
(timbullnya masalah/konflik)

      One day, the hare asked the tortoise to race down to the beach. The tortoise refused, he said he will lose anyway. The hare replied in a kind voice that he felt sorry about it.
     But the next day, the hare found a way to race the tortoise that would be fair and lots of fun too. He asked the tortoise to come with him. The tortoise was slowly plodding over the sandhill towards the beach.
(penyelesaian masalah)
    Now the two friends can race against each other all day and something tells me that the tortoise might win this time.

(taken from English in Focus 2,page 88)

Menentukan gambaran umum

Contoh pertanyaan :
what is the text talk about?
1.       Judul
2.       Jika tak ada judul, subjek yang sering muncul di tiap paragraph

Menentukan tujuan komunikasi
Contoh pertanyaan :
What is the purpose of the  text?
Jawab: to amuse/entertain the reader
Menentukan Rujukan Kata
Contoh Pertanyaan :
He asked the tortoise to come  with him
He refers to…                                                        
Jawab: Subjek/objek pada kalimat sebelumnya
Menentukan Informasi Rinci
Contoh pertanyaan:
How did the hare find a way to race?                       
Jawab: Carilah kalimat pertanyaan didalam teks ,
 Jawaban terdapat di sebelum atau Sesudah kalimat pertanyaan.
Menentukan Informasi Tersirat
Contoh pertanyaan:
What is the moral value of the story?
Jawab: Siswa harus mampu memahami isi teks, untuk teks Narasi terkadang nilai moral ada di paragraph terakhir

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