Latihan Soal Teks Narrative

            Once upon a time, there were two butterflies, Teri and Roni. They are friends. Teri and Roni had the same crown.(mahkota yg sama)
             One day, Kody a frog, saw Teri and Roni quarreling (Bertengkar) “ You  took it(mengambil mahkota)!” said Roni, “ No, I did not!” said Teri.
“Hey,what’s the matter (masalah)?” asked Kodi.
“Teri stole (mencuri)  my crown!” said Roni
“ No, I did not,” said Teri
‘Yesterday, I still had(masih punya) my crown when she came to visit (mengunjungi) me” said Roni.
“Today (hari ini) I can not find (menemukan) my crown! Look!,she is wearing(memakai) it!” shouted Roni.
“My mom gave(memberi) me the crown,” Teri explained.
Kodi suggested (menyarankan) they all to go to Roni’s house.
“Where did you put it?” Said Kodi to Roni
“I put (simpan) it on the table.” Roni answered
They did not find the crown.
“ May be if fell down(jatuh).” Kodi looked under (dibawah) table. Nothing (tidak ada) was there.
“It was my fovourite crown!” Roni sobbed
“ I did not steal (mencuri) yours, but (tapi)if you like it so much, you can have mine(punya saya),” Teri gave Roni the crown.
            “It’s here (disini)!” Kodi saw (lihat) the crown behind the curtain.
Roni stopped crying,”Thank God, Kodi found it!”
“Sorry Teri, I accused (menuduh) you. I’m terrible friend”
It’s ok,” said Teri.” Let’s say thanks to Kodi!”

  1. What is the purpose of the text?
2. What is the best title for the text above?

3.  Are Teri and Roni have the same crown?

4.  When did Roni can not find his crown?

5.    Where did Kodi find the crown?

  1. “ I put it on the table,” (line 13)
What does “It” refers to……………….
  1. Who did suggest to go to Roni’s house?
8.    From the story, we can learn that……

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