Latihan Soal Ulangan Umum Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1

NAME :………………………………………

1.       Ali : Hello,I m Ali.
       Aisa : Oh Hi, I am Aisa. How are you ?
       Ali     :…………….
     a. Hello                                 c.  How are you
     b. How do you do              d. I am fine,thank
Dena is a new student. He meets Anna in the canteen.
Dena : Hi,My name is Deni,
             what is your name?
Anna : Hi,My name is Anna, are you
            a new  Student?
Dena  : Yes I am. I’m in 7c,and you ?
Anna: I am in 7a

2.    Dena is……………
        a. a new teache          c. a new student
        b. a teacher d. a librarian
3.    Dena meets Anna in………..
        a. the classroom        c.  the yard         
      b. in the library            d. the canteen
4.    Are they classmates?
        a.Yes, They are          c. Yes, They are not
        b. No, They are not    d. No, They are

Full Name
Date of birth

Favorite :
Sarah Aulia
25th December 1996
Jl. Mawar No.13
SMP  12 Bogor
150 cm
40 kg

Olga Saputra
Apple juice

5.    How old is Sarah now ?....year old
        a.  13              b. 15      c.14        d.16
6.    How tall is she ?
        a. one hundred and fifty centimeters
        b. one hundred and forty four
        c. one hundred and  four centimeters
        d. one hundred and fifty  four
                  This is Aldi’s School. It is on Jalan Merdeka. It has a very wide schoolyard. The students do the flag ceremony every Monday in the schoolyard. They also play sports there because there is volley ball field and badminton court.
                There is a beautiful park in the yard in front of the teacher room. There is a small  pond with some fish there. There are two big trees at the side of the pond. There is also a garden. You can see  many flowers there : roses, jasmines, sunflowers, and so on.The flowers are very beautiful.
7.    Where is Aldi’s school ?
        a. In the schoolyard c. in volley ball field        
        b. on Jalan Merdeka d. in badminton court
8.    Where we can find(menemukan) the
        a. in schoolyard         c. in the garden
        b. in the pond             d. in the teacher room
9.             NO CHEATING
        You can find this notice in The….
        a.  Mosque  c. Hospital 
         b. Park                             d.  Classroom

Mrs. Amie want to make Banana Cake for her  son,She needs to buy several things, here are the shopping list :
1 Kg of eggs
½ Kg of flour
½  Kg of butter
¼  Kg of sugar
½ Kg of banana
2 packets of vanilla powder

10.How many  are the things in
      Mrs. Anita’s Shopping list ? They are…things
      a. 6                   b. 7         c. 8                         d. 9
11.Which one is the true statement,
       below :
        a. Mrs. Amie needs 1 Kg of sugar
        b. Mrs. Amie  needs ½  Kg of banana
        c. Mrs. Amie needs 1 ½  Kg eggs
        d. Mrs. Amie needs 2  Kg cheese

Vertical Scroll: 24th August, 2009
To : Andara
Today is your  special day.
Happy birthday to you.

12.When is Mandy’s  birthday?
a. 21st August                              c. 23rd August
b. 22nd August                            d. 24th August

13. Who send the greeting card ?
        a. Andara                     `c. your friend
        b. a friend                    d. Mandy

 14. What is the greeting card about ?
        a. to congratulate a holiday
        b. to congratulate a new year
        c. to congratulate a birthday
        d. to congratulate a lebaran day

15.  Katie – and-has-black-hair-curly
        a.  Katie curly and black has hair
        b. Katie has curly hair and black
        c.  Katie has curly and black hair
        d. Katie has hair curly and black

To : student of SMP 3 Bogor
Please gather at the School Yard at  Monday 21st July 2009 at 7:30 a.m. There will be a ceremony competition

19. Where  will  the  a ceremony competition  be
       held ?
        a. classroom,              c. canteen
        b. library                      d. school yard

20. When will the ceremony competition be held?
        a. at seven thirty in the afternoon
        b. at seven thirty in the morning
        c. at seven thirty in the night
        d. at seven thirty in the evening

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