SMP                               : SMP NEGERI 2 CIPEUNDEUY
Subject                           : English
Class    / Semester        : IX/1
Year                                 : 2012-2013
Time allocation             : 2 x 40’

Competence standard :

Giving meaning in transactional and interpersonal conversation simple short  spoken to interact with surroundings area

Basic competence :
Comprehend and response to  simple transactional ( to get things done) and interpersonal ( to socialiszation) conversation by using many kind of spoken language in accurate, fluent  to interact with surroundings area about asking, giving certainly and doubt.
I. Learning  Purpose :
   At the end of learning process, the students are able to :
   Giving expression about asking and giving certainly
   Giving expression and responding doubt

Caracter Building:

1.  Trustworthines
2.   Respect
3.   Diligence
4.   Responsibility
5.  Courage

II. Learning Subject
1.     The Expressions
a.    Asking,giving dan express certainty

Asking for certainty  
-    Really?
-    Are you sure?
-    Are you certain?
-    Are you really certain about that,Sir?
 -    I.m sure about it
Giving certainty
-    I’m quite sure that she will come soon.
-    I’m absolutely sure about the news
-    I have no doubt about it
-    I’m absolutely certain that he told me the truth.
-    Certainly/definitely   
Express uncertainty   
-    I’m not sure that…
-    I am not certain…
-    It could not be that..
-    It’s very unlikely that…
-    I hesitate…
-    I’am afraid it won’t
Expressing doubt  
-    I’m afraid I’m not sure
-    Sorry, I’m not sure about that
-    I’m doubtful
-    I doubt it
-    I’m not really sure that he told me the truth
Responding to doubt
-    Please don’t worry
-    Everything will be  fine
-    Don’t be worried to much
-    Next time better
-    I think you don’t need to be worried about it

2.    Conversations
Ichan : Anang told me that his father is going to buy him a car. Is that true?
Handy : I’m sure he told you the truth. I heard his father mentioned about it.
Anang : Are you sure about that?
Handy : Absolutely. I was there when his father mentioned about it.
Anang : unbelieveable. He was just a kid.

III. Learning Methode :

1.    Learning Question
2.    Modelling
3.    Practice
4.    P-P-P

IV. Langkah-Langkah Pembelajaran

a.    Preface activity
1.    The students  response to  teacher’s questions to build
       clannish atmosphere
2.    The students response to teacher’s questions about attendance
3.    Active participating in learning process
4.    The teacher gives some questions which related  previous
       lesson  with the next subject
5.    The teacher explains the learning purpose or  basic
       competence that will be achieved
6.    The teacher gives the subject range and its assessment

b.    Core Activity
 1.    Student asks about how to express asking,
        giving certainly in custom/, tradition
2.    Student asks about the asking,
       giving certainly dialogue
3.    Students in pair are given a role card
4.    Student makes simple sentence related to the role card
5.    Student practices asking, giving certainly in spoken
6.    Student performances a dialogue in pair
        in front of the class

c.    Last activity
1.    Student listens to the node about subjects
       that learned by teacher
2.    Student gives reflection/comment about the subject that
       already comprehended,
       and please subject or not
3.    Student are given structured task to strengthened
       the competence
4.    Student  listens to teacher’s expectations and advice
5.    Prepare the next subject


1.    English in Focus 2
2.    Role card
3.    Dictionary
4.    LKS Galileo

VI. Structured assigment

Student performances a dialogue in front of the class

VII. Assessment

Competence achievement indicator
Asking and giving certainly   
Technical form     : Performance
Instrument            : Perform s dialogue in front of the class  base
                                 on the role card

Attachment :
Role Card
Express your doubt or certainty based on the following situations

1. You want to call your friend but the signal is low
2. You want to play the CD but the CD player is broken
3. You want to buy a hand phone but you do not have enough money for it
4. You want to buy calculator and your uncle gave you some money
5. You want to listen to an English news. Your father bought a new radio

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