Latihan Ulangan Umum Speaking Kelas 8 Semester 2

1. Aditya : Shall we go camping to “Buper Kepurun” this holiday?...I’m sure we’ll have some fun there
a. I don’t agree c. I’m sorry, I can’t
b. Oh, I disagree d. That’s a good ideal

2. Teacher : Would you mind not talking during the lesson?
        Student : ….
a. I’m sorry, I’ll keep silent
b. Sure, I’ll talk to you
c. I am still happy
d. OK, thanks

3. Elisa : Fah, would you like to come to our farewell
                 Party tonight?
        Chofi:…..I have to see my dentist tonight
a. Of course c. I’m sorry , I can’t
b. I’d love too d. That’s a good idea

4. Fendi: The bus fare will increase in the next
       Nilus: Oh, I don’t think it’s good. It will need more
                 Money to spend.
The underlined utterance is about….
a. Agreeing c. requesting
b. Disagreeing d. apologizing

5. Rivan : Do you mind if I close the window?
        Some:………and close it
a. I know c. I have no idea
b. Yes, of course d. Not at all, go right
6. Mita : What do think of “ Laskar Pelangi”
                  The movie?
       Asta: …….I have not seen it
a. Yes, it is c. I don’t think so
b. You are right d.I can’t say anything

7. Desi : Syahfitra is such a careless boy, I think
        Efin :….He often forgets where he put his
a. The fact is not true
b. I don’t think so
c. I think so, too
d. That’s wrong

8. Bagus:  I think it is going to rain
        Budi   : ….Look at the sky ! It’s so clear
            No clouds there
a. I think so c. I agree with you
b. I don’t think so d. You don’t know it

Read the text to answer questions 9-1o
Salsa: Where are you going to spend you holiday?
Billa : In Batu, near Malang,East Java.
Salsa: Why are you going to spend the holiday there?
Billa:  It is as crowded as Jakarta and Surabaya. 
           The weather is rather cold at night
Salsa:  Do you like quiet places?
Billa :  Yes I do
Salsa:  So do I,     

9. Where is Billa going to spend the holiday?
a. In Batu c. In Jakarta
b. In Malang     d. In Surabaya

  10.    Billa is going to spend the holiday there because
           She likes…
a. Interesting places
b. Crowded places
c. Isolated areas
d. Quiet places

  11. Niken: Where did you go for your birthday?
        Ayuda: I went to Bali
        Niken : How was the …………there?
        Ayuda : It was hot and day
a. Season c. weather
b. Climate d. temperature

 12  .Okik : I heard you have won the poetry reading
        April : Yes, that’s true and I’m very excited about it
        Okik  : ….
        April  : Thanks
a. Are you sure? c. congratulations
b. Do you like it? D. You are so beautiful

13   .Bambang : You look busy with your assignment.
                          Do you need help?
        Dessy       : …..but I should do it on my own
a. Thanks, thank you
b. No, I don’t d.please help me

14   .Lia        : ………..! the street is slippery
        Lestari  : of course. I will drive carefully
a. Look out c. watch out
b. Be careful d. mind your step

15.  Desinta : What is that?
       Rahma   : You can read it, If you want.
                       There are some interesting articles in it
                       You can also see the picture of Balinese
        Desinta: Oh,…………I like the dance verymuch
        Rahma : Oh you do?
a. How beautiful Bali is
b. What is beautiful magazine !
c. How a beautiful magazine is!
d. What a beautiful picture it is !

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